The challenge in analysing store performance isn’t getting data. It’s correlating data with sufficient intelligence to inform a true competitive advantage. The Relevance One platform delivers that competitive advantage by correlating data among any and all sensors in a retail environment or smart city for unprecedented performance analysis and the delivery of rich, context-aware content to digital signage.

Relevance One offers a superior solution to the challenge of digitizing the offline consumer experience with actionable insights. We compare patterns from multiple sensors and interpret complex consumer behaviour. We do this by applying complementary, powerful software tools with multi-disciplined insight analysis. In the online world, insightful analytics are irreplaceable as the primary means for optimizing performance and driving consumer behaviour. Think of Relevance One as Google Analytics for physical environments—and equally essential to understanding and ensuring digital success.


For details, see the Relevance One white paper “Unlocking Sensor Data“.

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Get ahead of the game

As we’ve learned from Google Analytics and online retail, the more we know about shoppers and their behaviour, the more successfully we can convert them and increase average sale per ticket. Relevance One analytics offers the same advantage for brick-and-mortar retailers.

The sensors, digital signage, and analytics at our disposal today are capable of converging for truly imaginative and beneficial retail analytics applications. Relevance One unifies these tools to place the retailers who use them in the best competitive position today and into the future.



An engine to drive behaviour

Relevance One produces comprehensive analytic software that enables retail stores, malls and smart cities to leverage rich behavioural data and influence consumer experience in a unique, holistic way.



Better together: our partners

Relevance One partners are key to our success, and we work with leading technology companies as well as local delivery partners across Europe. Becoming a Relevance One partner will fast-track your business into the exploding retail analytics world. Contact us!

Who are we ?

Relevance One aspires to becoming an ultimate solution for retailers to analyse in-store behaviour and translate the insights into effectively frontline action and tangible wins.   Since its founding in 2014, Relevance One has become a recognized analytics platform for European retailers who seek real-time performance.




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